County Health Dept gets grant $ to help with pre-natal care

         The Daviess County Commissioners on Tuesday gave the OK for the county health department to receive a  $15,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Health to be used to help offset pre-natal care for pregnant women in Daviess County who have been in the US for under 5 years.

        Currently, law states that anyone living in the US for less than 5 years is only eligible for emergency medicaid which does not pay for pre-natal care. The local health department continues to work toward improving the infant mortality rate in Daviess County and this is a  step toward doing that according to county health officials.

        We talked with County Health Officer Dr. Merle Holsopple…

        Holsopple says the cost for pre-natal care is around $1800 per person. There were 10 people needing it in 2018.  The County Health Department will manage the grant money’s use on a case by case basis. Those who would get insurance through an employer or other means do not qualify for the help.