Senator Mike Braun says shutdown is “a silly way to get anything done”

Democrats are being disingenuous when they talk about their concern for government spending and the border wall, said Mike Braun, freshman Republican senator from Indiana, in an interview of WJLA in Washington, D.C.

Braun, who was sworn in last week, said he believes in border security, and in some places that will mean a wall. He also believes the federal government is not being run right.

“Look at how many shutdowns we’ve had over the last few years. It looks like it comes to this, and then you get things done. That’s not regular order,” he said. “That’s a silly way to get anything done. You never run your business or state government to the verge or the brink.”

Braun was introduced as a life-long entrepreneur.

“I think the real value here is Democrats as recently as a few years ago, wanted a wall, wanted to spend 25 billion. Now I think it’s gonna be a real litmus test. Do they want to do anything other than the status quo?”

He described behavior by Democrats about the budget and spending dollars wisely as “sanctimonious”.

“I don’t think they’ve been part of that real way of thinking through their performance in a long time,” said Braun.

Pres. Trump planned to address the country from the Oval Office tonight.