Solution being sought in missing Barr Reeve Band booster money issue

The Barr-Reeve Band Booster Treasurer Sherrie Chestnut is due in court December 10th .  

        As reported yesterday, recently, money was discovered missing from the Booster’s account. Chestnut was removed from the account after the discovery.  A letter sent out to band parents October 30th stated that the loss meant the cancellation of the band’s scheduled trip to Florida to perform in Orlando. It’s a trip that only comes around every 4 years so every band student has a chance to go.

       Barr Reeve School Superintendent Travis Madison says they’ve scheduled a meeting for today with band parents to talk about the situation…

        Madison says another item to discuss is obviously how to prevent something like this happening again…  

Chestnut was said to be scheduled to appear in court to answer fraud and theft charges. 

The Band Boosters are a separate entity from the school with it’s own bank account and tax ID number.  Madison says they are working with the State Board of Accounts on future safeguards and changes on how booster clubs handle money.

More information available in  the Washington Times Herald