Highway department had good news and bad news


         The Daviess County Commissioners received good news,  and bad news from Highway Superintendent Phil Cornelius Tuesday morning.

          The good news is that paving on the Odon-Cannelburg Road project is complete and striping should be done by the end of the week.  Cornelius also reported that paving is completed on the south side of Washington’s 15th Street Bridge.  He says half of the north side driving lane is finished.   The bad news has to do with a possible delay in the total completion of the bridge project.  The subcontractor for the bridge guard rails and walkway railings just measured the bridge last week.  To get the materials to do that work will take up to six weeks.  Then the railings will have to be installed.  This could push the completion of the bridge past the projected Dec. 7, opening date.   In other news concerning the bridge, the Commissioners voted to cede a portion of an access road to the City of Washington so a house on the southwest side of the bridge would have needed road access.


             In other business the Commissioners voted to proceeds with plans to establish an E-911 Advisory Board.  The proposed board would consist of 7 voting members.  One member would be a volunteer fireman appointed by the Daviess County Fire Chiefs, the County Emergency Management Director would fill a seat, the Commissioners and the County Council would each appoint a member, the Sheriff would appoint a member, and Washington’s Fire Chief and Mayor would each appoint a member.  The E-911 Director would be an eighth non-voting member of the Board.  The plan will be sent to the City of Washington for input and will be back in the agenda for the second Commissioners meeting in November.


     During the Annex portion of the meeting, the Commissioners approved two change orders totaling $190,773.   The most expensive items on the change were ADA access doors for the health department entrance and sidewalk melting.  With the changes, architect Jonathan LaMar said the project is still running $1.4 million under budget.