Tanoos faces Felony Bribery charges

 Former Vigo County School Superintendent Dan Tanoos was charged Monday in Marion County with one Class C felony count of bribery and two Level Five felony counts of bribery.

The alleged crimes occurred between August 24th, 2013 – July 11th, 2014 – and August 10th, 2014.

The Class C felony carries a prison term of up eight years, while each Level Five felony carries a possible sentence of up to six years.

Court documents say that an anonymous source met with the FBI and the State Board of Accounts in February of 2016 and later provided two bound volumes of documents showing that contracts were improperly awarded.

It is alleged that Tanoos had a personal relationship with Energy Systems Group representative Doug Tischbein and that Tanoos controlled decisions regarding school corporation renovation projects, and that the board routinely approved his choices.

In exchange for being awarded contracts it is believed that ESG routinely provided benefits and perks to Tanoos and school board members.

The affidavit said Tanoos even solicited perks on his own, and sometimes provided information about ESG competitors.

The FBI raided the school corporation facilities on June 8th of 2016 and at that time agents say they collected significant evidence related to the school corporation’s relationship with ESG.

Tanoos has worked as director of safety and security for the school corporation since his retirement from the superintendent’s position at the end of June. His current position was to end Dec. 31.

Tanoos has been placed on paid administrative leave and is set to appear in court Wednesday.

The school board met in executive session yesterday ( Monday 09/24/18) before last nights regular meeting and will meet again today (Tuesday 09/25/18)  in executive session to discuss this situation. So far they have not made a statement on this case.