Local arrest warrants served

-Washington Police arrested 32-year-old Michelle Furman of Washington on a Petition to Revoke a Suspended Sentence.  While on duty, officers received a dispatch that Furman was sitting outside the Probation Office.  Knowing she was wanted on the warrant she was taken into custody.

– 33-year-old Jose Ayala was picked up for four counts of Failure to Appear in Court.  The included Failure to Appear for Sentencing for two counts of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor; Failure to Appear for a Bond Revocation Hearing and Failure to Appear for an Initial Hearing on drunk driving charges.  Ayala was arrested without incident by city police and the US Marshal’s Task Force on Front Street at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

-The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department arrested 33-year-old Kristie Quiggins of Washington for Failure to Appear. Bond was set at $5000.

-The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department responded to an accident at 4:07-am at 300-West and 450-South Thursday morning.  A woman reported she rear ended a red vehicle nd was complaining of leg pain. She said the driver of the red vehicles got out, opened her door and yelled at her and then left the scene.

-Authorities, including a dive team and fire units were dispatched to State Road 358 at 375-west yesterday at 3:23-pm.  A truck was reported in the water at the access site on the Daviess County side of 358.  The driver of the truck was able to get out and walked in the water to dry land.  The dive team and fire units were told to disregard.   State Road 358 does remain closed due to high river levels.