Animal complaint investigation leads to drug charges

 On Tuesday this week, Indiana Conservation Officers and Sullivan County Police went to a home in  Riverton on a complaint of harboring wild animals inside a residence.

        The homeowner had been issued previous warnings concerning the animals.

        There was also reported drug use inside the home, in the presence of children. DCS was also called to the home.

        While police talked with 33 year old the homeowner, Shalee Carlock, officers saw two raccoons eating food from a pan that was on the kitchen floor.

59 year old Charles Scott Jr. of Merom, IN. in the home.

Officers say that they found meth and more paraphernalia during a search.

Carlock and 50 year old Charles Scott Jr. of Merom, also in the home,  were arrested on several charges.

The children at the residence were released to the care of the Indiana Department of Child Services.