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The Indiana Supreme Court says students must be told about their right to remain silent when questioned by police in a custody-type setting at school.

The court ruled Wednesday in the case of a 13-year-old boy suspected of a bomb threat at an Indianapolis school. The court threw out the confession, saying the boy wasn’t advised of his rights while being interrogated by a vice principal in the presence of armed officers.

The court says students must be advised of their rights if they’re being questioned while police are present and they don’t feel free to leave a room.

Chief Justice Loretta Rush says Miranda doesn’t apply if school officials simply are questioning a student, unless they’re acting as agents of the police.



Police in southwestern Indiana have filed charges against a man who didn’t like the appearance of of a Lyft driver gave his 14-year-old son a loaded gun for a ride home.    Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding says the father, Adam Meece, has been charged with neglect and providing a gun to a child.    Meece told police that he had been drinking alcohol Tuesday night and couldn’t drive his son to the home of the boy’s mother.  He decided to call Lyft.The boy gave the gun to his mother after the ride.  Meece couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.