Annex project on schedule, 900-East project hits a snag

      (photo from live webcam atop the Daviess County Courthouse of Annex construction)    


The construction on the Odon-Cannelburg Road Project hit a snag when an unidentified Odon waterline was discovered in the construction zone.  Previous meetings with INDOT has identified and accounted for potential problems and INDOT won’t allow the cost of moving the recently found waterline to be part of the road project.  This basically means the Town of Odon is responsible for the entire $15,000 cost.   The   Commissioners told members of the Odon Town Board that the County would try to find funds to pay half the costs.

Meanwhile, concrete paving will start on the Odon-Cannelburg Road project on tomorrow.  That’s the word from County Engineer Jason Heile.   He told the Daviess County Commissioners last night that the road will be closed to traffic in the construction area.   Heile also reported that the Washington 15th Street Bridge Project is proceeding on schedule.  The old bridge has been removed and workers are preparing to set the foundation for the new bridge.   Heile told the Commissioners the target date for completion of the bridge project is November 7.

          Other news from last night’s meeting in Odon, the Commissioners  heard an update on the Courthouse Annex.  Commissioner Michael Taylor reported that top soil had been moved and work on the Annex basement would begin on Monday.  The County’s I.T. Director, Dale Qualkenbush, told the Commissioners a camera on the Courthouse roof is recording the progress of the construction.  The images are on-line on the County’s website,

          In other business the Commissioners approved the low bid of $346,000 from SAS of Indianapolis to replace the 14 year old and failing jail command security cameras at the Security Center.  The approval was contingent on approval of financing by the County Council.