Gov Holcomb wants GOP and Democrats to work together on school safety

(NETWORK IN)  Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb says the state needs to ride the bipartisan momentum gained from the Sunday alcohol sales bill into other pieces of legislation moving forward. The most important, being school safety.

“I want to make sure that we’re allocating all the resources that we have to schools right now,” Holcomb said  “So are there some things that we can do to make sure that it eases parents’ minds, teachers’ minds, students’ minds so that they believe they are in the safest place possible to learn and grow.”

Since the mass shooting that left 17 people dead at a high school in Parkland, Florida, many lawmakers in the Capital City, including Governor Holcomb, are eager to take a second look at the requirements schools across Indiana must follow to ensure student and teacher safety.

A summer study committee, much like the one on Indiana’s alcohol laws, has been proposed to do the same thing with those state requirements on school safety. Before that comes around though, Holcomb wants to make a few things clear as we near the end of the 2018 legislative session.

“Before everybody goes home I want to lay out a few recommendations that lead up not only to the summer study committee, but also into 2019,” Holcomb said. “I expect to make those public before the end of the week.”

Holcomb adds the state can keep riding the momentum built in the 2018 General Assembly to keep trying to land Amazon’s 2nd North American HQ. He calls Indiana a “blinking neon light” for Amazon to follow which says: “Come here! Come here! Come here!”

“We’re in it to win it and doing every thing we can,” said Holcomb on Amazon. “We’ve got so much to showcase here. Obviously in terms of our world class universities, the talent pipeline we already have, the infrastructure we already have in place.”

Amazon announced at the beginning of the year that Indianapolis was one of 20 cities it’s considering for the HQ after narrowing that list from over 200 bids. Amazon has not said when they will choose a city to set up shop in.