10 Ton Load Limit on County Roads Very Likely

        The Daviess County Highway Department is advising area business and industry to prepare for a 10 ton load limit on county roads.  With the expected thaw and rain in the forecast it’s likely a 10 ton limit will go into affect on Monday or Tuesday.   Such limits are put in place to protect the roads from damage that can be caused by heavy equipment and vehicles after the ground thaws.

 As ice in the pavement melts, water saturates a road’s base and sub grade from the top and bottom making a road susceptible to considerable and expensive deterioration and destruction.

The highway department says that all businesses not on a permitted route need to make the necessary steps needed to deal with the limit.  Businesses on permitted routes should think about permits needed for any route modifications in order to comply with the limit.  If you have questions on the pending limit or permit needs call 812-444-5798.  A list of the permitted routes can be found on the county’s website  daviess.org  under the Highway Department tab.