Landfill Finding Out of County Waste

The Daviess County Solid Waste District is putting out notice reminding folks that the county landfill is restricted by law to accept waste generated in Daviess County ONLY.

          The District reports the landfill has turned away numerous vehicles because the public was misinformed of the landfill’s rules of operation.  The notice states that the landfill does not accept any trash from any other county regardless of false rumors or unfounded information.   Anyone, including residents and businesses in Daviess County who knowingly bring trash from any other county is guilty of a Class-A Infraction which is punishable by a $2500 fine and a loss of landfill privileges.

          Daviess County Landfill personnel conduct routine load inspections and have found a steady increase of waste coming in from Martin, Dubois, Pike, Knox and Greene Counties.  The District advises that they are continually monitoring the waste stream and collecting information for those responsible for illegal dumping.