Linton Woman Accused of Fraud

        (photo from Greene County Daily World)  

            A Greene County woman, already facing charges of stealing from a non-profit, with prior convictions for taking money from other organizations, has now been charged with felony fraud in connection with a credit card scam.

          The Greene County Sheriff’s Department reports that Vonda K. Smith of Linton is accused of using a credit card in her deceased mother’s name since June 2016 to pay bills to Powers Orthodontist in Lyons.

         According to probable cause affidavits received by WAMW, Smith was seen signing her mom’s name to invoices for the card.  The mother died 7 years ago.   Authorities say the investigation continues and there could be additional theft and fraud charges.

          According to the Greene County Daily World, Smith is accused of allegedly stealing over $31,000 from the Physically Challenged Bow Hunters of America for over 4 years. That case is ongoing.  She was convicted for theft in 2002 for stealing from the Linton Girls Softball concession stand and pleaded guilty to theft in 2003 while working as a volunteer for two organizations on the Crane Naval Base.