Couple who allegedly kept daughter in a cage is formally charged

         One of the suspects accused of keeping a child in a cage became unresponsive during a court appearance.

          In court Monday, Alan Friz became unresponsive while the judge was reading the charges against him.  An ambulance came to take Friz to the Hospital but he was later cleared and returned to jail. 

        He is facing 11 counts of neglect of a dependent, 11 counts of criminal confinement and four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.

          An affidavit says Friz’s daughter claims he had touched her inappropriately on multiple occasions.

           Aimee Friz also appeared in court Monday.  She is facing 11 counts of neglect of a dependent and 11 counts of criminal confinement. Aimee pleaded not guilty.

       She is currently out of jail on $10,000 bond and is not allowed to leave the state or have any contact with her daughter.

       Court documents show deputies found the couple had converted their closet into a cage, that they locked their daughter in at night. The affidavit says the girl was confined since at least the beginning of September.

        The girl also says she was deprived of food and water while in the cage.