Indiana’s senators say China is the key to defusing a confrontation with North Korea

(NETWORK IN)   North Korea has threatened the U-S before, but this time, intelligence reports say the Communist nation has missiles with enough range to hit the U-S, and has successfully miniaturized nuclear warheads for them. Senators Todd Young and Joe Donnelly says China needs to make clear it’ll cut financial support to North Korea if its ally doesn’t tone things down. Donnelly says that pressure should include a threat to make China the next target of sanctions if it doesn’t toughen its tolerant attitude toward North Korea. He notes Korea’s missiles were built with Chinese parts from companies financed by Chinese banks.

Young says the U-S should work with its allies in South Korea and Japan to put forward a credible threat of military force. He and Donnelly both say they want a peaceful diplomatic solution, but warn all options are on the table.

Donnelly says sanctions approved by the United Nations Security Council have real teeth, affecting a third of North Korea’s economy. He says one possible option is a naval quarantine, choking off all shipping in or out of North Korea.