Martinsville Golf Course Owners Fear Future Due to I-69 Construction

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Owners of a golf course in Martinsville fear for the future of their business in light of I-69 construction.


I-69 plans to extend to Martinsville soon and Sam Carmichael, owner of Martinsville Golf Club, said it could potentially close his family’s century-old business.

“When I-69 comes here, I don’t feel that I can survive,” said Carmichael.

The project is set to cover the golf course’s driving range and Carmichael said with no access road along the east side of the property, it could cause foot traffic to decline. An overpass scheduled to be built at SR 37 and Teeters Road will take out the course’s main entrance as well.

“I guess it’s progress, but it’s disappointing when you’ve been here all your life and you see something like this potentially leaving and I think this has been a great asset for Martinsville, the city of Martinsville and it will be a tremendous loss if we lose it,” said Carmichael.

He said despite rumors, the course has no plans of closing and intends to fight to keep the business open as long as possible.