New Indiana laws start today

  Starting today, you’re now paying an extra ten-cent a gallon tax on gas and an extra $15 per to register your vehicles at the BMV. But also beginning today, some other new state laws include:

*A requirement for kids under 18 have to wear a helmet when riding an ATV.

*You won’t be arrested if you break out someone’s car window to get a dog or cat out of a hot vehicle under a new pet rescue law.

*If you’re a violent crime victim the Department of Corrections must let you know within 48 hours if your attacker is released from prison early.

*Your massage therapist must now have a state license to curb sex trafficking in massage parlors.

* Also, online shoppers in Indiana will start paying taxes under one of the dozens of new laws that take effect this weekend

*Also starting today, it’ll be illegal to sell fake urine to help someone pass a drug test.