Daviess and Knox County jail reports…

-37-year-old Desmond Anderson of Louisville, Kentucky was arrested on Thursday on an out of county warrant.  Bond was posted.

-28-year-old Wesley Potts of Odon was arrested by Washington Police Thursday for an out of county warrant.  No bond wa s set.

-The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department arrested 43-year-old Walter Cissell and 20-year-old Daniel Cissell of Washington yesterday.  Both are charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft.  Bond was posted.

-Leland Acres, 38 of Washington was picked up on a writ of attachment Thursday.  No bond was set.

-45-year-old Donald Fuesler of Montgomery has been arrested for arson.  No bond was set.

-Nathan Wheatley, 35 of Patoka was jailed for driving while suspended with a prior overnight. .

-24-year-old Aubree Marshall was arrested by city police overnight for an out of county warrant.


-20-year-old Thomas Johnson was booked into the Knox County Jail at 10:43 last night for theft.  The arrest was made by Vincennes Police

-Vincennes Police arrested 21-year-old Dylan Hart last night.  He’s charged with possession of a syringe and conversion.  He was booked in around 9:30-pm.