City’s Board of Works opens bids on some projects

The Washington Board of Public Works and Safety had a full agenda last night.

The 3 member board approved an 18 inch easement onto the VanTrees Street sidewalk for the Core Center to move their north parking lot fence.  There have already been several instances of drivers backing into the fence especially with pick-ups.  The fence is necessary to prevent children from darting into the street when the parking lot is used for special events like the CEO Class sponsored Farmers Market.

The Board also approved contracts with the Southern Indiana Economic Development Corporation to administer the owner-occupied housing grant and with Daviess Community Hospital to administer Substance Abuse Testing for the City.

The Board also approved the purchase of a “Back Yard Unit” for the Electric Department.  The $140,940 bid from All Tech was lower than estimates.

The Board also received bids on a bar screen for the CSO Overflow project.  The bar screen has been mandated by IDEM.  Bids were also received on the demolition of two derelict structures on the City’s west side.  All bids were taken under advisement for the next meeting.

After the meeting Mayor Wellman spoke about the City’s effort to remove blighted buildings and improve housing for residents.


The owner occupied housing program is also open to families with children under 6 years old.