Loogootee has the lowest gas in the state today

You’ll find the cheapest gas in the state in Loogootee today, at $1.87, says Gasbuddy.com. Indiana’s gas average is steady at $2.20 per gallon, with the national average at $2.33.

Oil expert Trilby Lundberg, with the Lundberg Survey, said the stability is thanks to crude oil prices that haven’t moved up or down

If you’re wondering if prices are going to shoot up, just in time for your Independence Day travel, Lundberg said that depends more on the season than the holiday.  She says holidays are not a a driver of price or demand, she says the  season certainly is.  She claims what we may see is gasoline prices responding very quickly to what crude oil prices do.

As we said the cheapest gas in the area today is in Loogootee at 1.87, in Washington and Petersburg it’s 2:17, in Vincennes it’s 2.09, in Jasper it’s 2.19, it’s 2.06 in Linton.