Three arrested in Loogootee on drug charges this week




The Martin County Sheriff’s Department report they  arrested 3 people this week on out of county meth charges.

The incident happened on Tuesday when acting on information, deputies went to the parking lot of a Loogootee restaurant where a meth buy was said to take place.  The officers and a K9  surrounded a vehicle and extracted the suspects.  One refused and there was a struggle with officers and he broke free and a short foot chase ensued.  The man was subdued by police with a taser.  A knife and meth were found on his person and police say he remained combative but was taken to jail.  A search of the vehicle turned up meth making materials, marijuana and paraphernalia.  Two others were arrested without incident.

Those arrested were 34-year-old Noah Peyton of Pekin, Indiana, 28-year-old Jeffery L. Riasor of Corydon and 30-year-old Kaelyn Baldwin of Beach Grove.  All are charged with possession, attempted dealing and nuisance charges.  Peyton was also charged with resisting law enforcement.