County Health Rankings are in

Daviess County’s health rate is 48th out of Indiana’ s 92 counties according to a new report.







How healthy do you think your county is? Well, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation organization can tell you.  County Health has ranked all 92 of Indiana’s counties based on overall health, which includes factors like birth rate, death rate, obesity, health behaviors and physical environment among many other things. Hamilton County tops the list, Hendricks was second followed by Boone, Brown and Johnson Counties. The most unhealthy county? Scott County in southern Indiana, that’s thanks to a high rate of STD’s and a high premature death rate.


In our listening area Dubois County is the healthiest according to the report coming in at number 14, Martin County is next at 24, then Gibson at 42, then Daviess 48th out of Indiana’s 92 counties.  Knox is next at 55, Pike is 64th and Greene is ranked at number 71.