Authorities investigated an attack, vandalism and an accident




-No arrests were made but a couple on Southwest 2nd reported that 4 males described as black and wearing black tried to break into their home Sunday.  The man in the house chased them away but they came back and were said to have attacked the man and pulled a knife.  They ran off near Dewey Avenue.  The man signed a statement of release for medical personnel after complaining of back pain after the incident.

-Police were called to fight at the Apartments on Southeast 4th at 1:16 am on Sunday.  Two men were long formed by police on charges of battery criminal mischief and residential entry.

-On Saturday a resident on 200-North reported someone had thrown something at the front door and shattered the glass.

-There was a property damage accident reported at 900-East and 200-north at 9:55-am on Sunday.

A breaking and entering was investigated in Odon at 7:30 Sunday.

-Police reported to what was said to be an altercation at the shelter house at Odon Park.