Washington Police will ticket and tow parking violators at the regional this weekend




Washington Police are reminding all who plan on attending this weekend’s Regional Basketball Tournament at Washington High School to be mindful of parking regulations.

The Department says they will maintain proper parking order for the public’s safety.

They remind us that there is no parking at painted yellow lines, or near fire hydrants in fire lanes or intersections.

Don’t park across or on sidewalks or block driveways or other entrances and exits.

No parking in alleys or in no parking zones or between barricades designating no parking.

The school administration has authorized the police to strictly enforce all parking regulations pertaining to school property.

No announcements of violations will be made during the ball games.  If you can’t find your vehicle when you leave, call the Washington Police department with a vehicle description or license number.  They will then tell you what towing service has your vehicle.