Greene County man claimed to be an officer…..

A Bloomfield man has been jailed for impersonating a police officer.

Indiana State Police at Bloomington report that 21 year old Danny R. Deckard was arrested Wednesday.
They say he had approached someone identifying himself as an undercover narcotics officer and requested information on current Greene County criminal investigations.
He was taken to the Greene County Jajil on a felony charge of impersonating a officer and also for driving while suspended.
State Police says those who impersonate police officers erode the public’s trust in law enforcement and may endanger unsuspecting people. There are tips you can use to protect yourself during a traffic stop or encounter while helping your police officers do their jobs.
Tips for Protecting You from Law Enforcement Impersonators
– Check to see if the officer is in a marked vehicle that identifies a Law Enforcement Agency 
– Is the officer in uniform? Look for a badge and ask for identification
– Police Officers carry identification clearly identifying them and their agency
– If you doubt the identity of someone  trying to pull you over, proceed to a well-lit, busy place such as a gas station, fast food restaurant, convenience store, or police station. While doing so, turn on your emergency flashers to notify the officer that you are aware he or she is trying to pull you over and call 911.