Marriage License Flap

     The Daviess County Clerk says she won't issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her biblical beliefs and what she calls a lack of clear direction.
Daviess County Clerk Sherri Healey tells the Washington Times-Herald that at least two same-sex couples who've tried to get marriage licenses from her office have been turned away since U.S. District Judge Richard Young threw out Indiana's ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday.
           Healey says there's a gray area between Young's ruling and an advisory from the state attorney general's office, so she's waiting for something more precise.
She told one disgruntled license seeker that the U.S. "was founded on the biblical principle of one man and one woman in marriage." She says that's what she'll follow until she hears otherwise.
            Also Cass County Clerk Beth Liming say she was advised to not give licenses to same-sex couples by their county attorney, with the attorney arguing that Wednesday‘s ruling only applied to the four counties who were named In U.S. District Judge Richard Young‘s order - Hamilton, Boone, Lake and Porter Counties.
            Ken Falk, legal director for the ACLU of Indiana that is technically true……

            Even as he filed an emergency appeal to Judge Young to put his order on hold during an appeal, Attorney General Greg Zoeller said the state would comply, as did Governor Pence. But Zoeller only asked clerks in other counties to respect the order - neither he nor any other state officials ordered them to comply. 
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