Prosecutor gives criminal code update....

During its last session, the Indiana General Assembly updated the state's Criminal Code for the first time since 1977.  Wednesday, Daviess County Prosecutor Dan Murrie told Washington's Rotary Club, the new Code classifies felonies by number, rather than the current letter classification, with felonies rated classed as 1, being the most serious, down to 6, for the least serious crimes.  Murrie said the new code would change sentencing for crimes at both end of the spectrum.

       Requiring counties to handle offenders with sentences of two years or less is a major change.  Murrie said that encompasses 84% of sentences and many counties in the state will struggle.   But Murrie pointed to the R.A.R.E. program at the Daviess County Jail, and the County's award winning Community Corrections Office, and said Daviess County is ready for the change.  
        Murrie says the new code takes affect July 1st.
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