The controversy between the Odon Town Clerk and the Town Board continues to simmer.

          The Odon Town Clerk, Beth Haseman, has hired an attorney to represent her in the on-going disagreement over sharing the Odon Town Hall with the Odon Town Board.   Wednesday’s edition of the Odon Journal, reports Haseman’s attorney sent letters to Town Board members threatening legal action pending a vote to move the Clerk’s office.   Town Board member John Myers was quoted in the paper, saying, the legal move is puzzling since Haseman had asked for a more private office.  The Board turned the latest chapter of the on-going dispute between the Clerk-Treasurer and Town Board members over to the Town’s attorney, Rita Baldwin.   And in related business, the Town Board voted to install a security system in the Town Hall, with the only key being held by the Twon Marshall.  Haseman complained that in recent weeks, papers on her desk had either been moved, or were missing.   
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