Vincennes Schools Adding Extra Hour Per Day to

Vincennes Community School Students will go an extra hour of school starting next Monday, the 24th.
   The School Board has voted for the measure to make up for lost snow days this school years.
   The school system has missed a total of nine days with a waiver given from the state for two of those.
   The Vincennes Sun Commercial says School Superintendent Greg Parsley    
sent out a survey to teachers and faculty to get a feel for how they wanted to make up the time, either with an additional hour each day or by adding on days after Memorial Day.
   Eighty percent of them said they wanted to go to school on Good Friday, and a high percentage said they wanted to go the day of graduation, May 23, so students will be in school both of those days, Parsley told the board.
   Parsley said he spoke at length with members of the local ministerial association about being in class on Good Friday, and he had their support.  He says the school will work with students whose families want to attend GoodFriday and Easter weekend related services during school hours.
   Parsley said the vote to go extra hours or extra days among teachers was close. 46 percent wanted to go the additional hour, while 39 percent wanted to come back after graduation to make up the time.
   1 percent of teachers and faculty wanted students to come to school on Saturdays, 7 percent wanted to eliminate Spring Break, and another 7 percent wanted to do some combination of all the options.
   The additional hour a day between Monday and March 13 will give teachers more time to prepare students for the upcoming spring ISTEP test.
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