Candidates File for May Primary

 2014 Primary Election

Daviess County:
Clerk of the Circuit Court
          Republican:  Rosemary Abel
County Auditor
          Republican: Patty Ball
County Sheriff
          Republican: Jerry Harbsteit
                              Jerry Maddox
County Assessor
          Republican: Dennis G. Eaton
County Commissioner-2nd District
          Republican: Larry Wilson
                              Nathan Gabhart
County Council-1st District
          Republican: Dave Smith
County Council-3rd District
          Republican: Mike Myers
County Council-4th District
          Republican: Patrick Dant
Barr Township Trustee
          Republican: Robert D. Showalter
Bogard Township Trustee
          Democrat: Amy Holstine
Elmore Township Trustee
          Republican: Joshua Dove
Harrison Township Trustee:
          Republican: Sylvia Stafford
Madison Township Trustee
          Republican: Mike Burch
                              Cheryl Miller
Reeve Township Trustee
          Republican: Joan Harker
Steele Township Trustee
          Republican: Karen McBride
Veale Township Trustee
          Republican: Sue Killion
Washington Township Trustee:
          Republican: Linda Bateman Cornelius
                              Michelle Guy
Township Advisory Boards (vote for 3)
Barr Township Board
          Republican: Steven Hart
          Democrat:    Paul V. Steiner
Bogard Township Board
          Republican: Gilbert Andis
                              Terry Eaton
                               Mary Woodruff
Elmore Township Board
          Republican: Carl Stites
Harrison Township Board
          Republican: Gene Huffines
                              Christena V. Jones
Madison Township Trustee
          Republican: Jo Kay Belcher
                               Vernon Graber
                             Kay A. Laughlin
                             Paul E. Shager
         Democrat:   Gordon Gene Brinegar  
Reeve Township Board
          Republican: Joe Hawthorne
Steele Township Board
          Republican: John E. Carroll
                             Bryan Engleman
          Democrat:  Carl Engleman
Van Buren Township Board
          Republican: Elmer Lee Graber
                              Betty Wininger
Veale Township Board
          Republican: Mary Ann Padgett
                              Judith Robinson
Washington Township Board
          Republican: Andrew Heidenreich
                             John Horton
                             Nancy R. Singleton
                             Donald Williams
Martin County
County Clerk
          Republican: Gerald D. Montgomery
         Democrat:    Ann Marie Stewart
          Republican: Carolyn S. McGuire
          Democrat:   Robert F. Street
County Commissioner-District 2
          Democrat:   Paul R. George
                             John R. Collins
County Council-District 1
          Democrat:   Randy L. Wininger
County Council-District 2
          Republican: John Keith Gibson
                              James A. “Buck” Stiles
County Council-District 3
          Republican: Barbara McFeaters
County Council-District 4
          Republican: Karen A. Hickman
         Democrat:    Lynn Gee
Township Trustee
          Halbert Township
                   Republican: Exzelia Montgomery
          Perry Township
                   Republican: Ernest S. Canell
                   Democrat:    Jason Hennette
                                        Joe McAtee
          Rutherford Township
                   Democrat:    Terry J. Street
          Center Township
                   Republican: Charles S. Hamilton
          Lost River Township
                    Republican: Mildred C. Brown
          Mitcheltree Township
                    Republican: James Norman Pup
                    Democrat:    Tammy Jo Gore
Township Advisory Board-vote for three
          Halbert Township:
                   Republican: Travis Montgomery
                                        Stevie Horton
                                        Kimberly Albright
          Center Township
                   Republican: Gerald Wilcoxen
                                         Kenneth Brett
                                         Larry Downs
          Perry Township
                   Democrat:    Julie Greene
                                         Sue Hunt
                                         Brandi Hennette
          Mitcheltree Township
                   Republican: Sharon Belcher
                                        Charity Tolbert
                                        Dan Butler
          Lost River Township
                   Republican: Bruce Fithian
                                        Alice Dianne Butler
Pike County
          Republican: Michael Goodpaster
          Democrat:    Kim Mendel
          Republican: Ronald Wilson
          Democrat:    Jody Hoover
          Democrat:    Jeremy Britton
Commissioner-District 2
          Republican: Brian Davis
County Council-District 1
          Republican: Randall Harris
                              Kurt Vaughn
County Council-District 2
          Republican: Gregory Mangin
County Council-District 3
          Republican: Max Elliott
          Democrat:    Dale McKinney
County Council-District 4
          Democrat:    Myreon Krohn
                               Norman Dillon
Township Trustees
          Lockhart Township
                   Democrat:    Angela O’Neal
          Monroe Township
                   Democrat:    Sandra Barrett
          Clay Township:
                   Republican: James King
          Washington Township
                   Republican: Marie Boyd
                   Democrat:    Judy White
          Logan Township
                   Democrat:    Shirley Shafer
          Patoka Township
                   Republican: Joseph Melhiser
                   Democrat:    Patricia Willis
          Madison Township
                   Republican: Carol Sutton
          Marion Township
                   Republican: Becky Steinhart
          Jefferson Township
                   Democrat:    Cynthia Ridao 
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