Washington Fire Destroys House Trailer

               At 7:43 a.m. Thursday morning, the Washington Fire Department was called to a house trailer fire at 809 Front Street.    Washington Fire Chief Dave Rhaods reported the trailer was fully englufed when firefighters arrived on the scene.    The owner of the home, Lacy Santillan said the fire began as an unintentional fire started Wednesday evening by children playing with matches in the rear of the house.  Santillan said the children started some clothes on fire and the clothes were removed from the house and put outside on a covered patio.  Santillan said she checked on the smoldering clothes a couple of times before being awakened by the sound of breaking glass.   She saw fire outside the trailer and took the children and herself to safety.   Chief Rhoads said seven off-duty firemen were called to help fight the blaze.  According the Chief, firefighters were on the scene until 9:38 a.m. Thursday morning.  No injuries were reported.    
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