Bill Dobson Ford – WAMW NewsApp

The Bill Dobson Ford – WAMW News App is ready!



  The news at your fingertips, courtesy Bill Dobson Ford of Washington. What’s happening? Well, now you’ll know – and, the app is free!



If your phone is Android-compatible: click here to download from GooglePlay.

If you have an iPhone (iOS 9 and above), the app is native to your OS.
To get WAMW news on your iPhone, sponsored by Bill Dobson Ford:

  • Open the News app on your iPhone.
  • Under the Browse section of the screen, navigate through BDF_NewsApp-onGooglePlay-finalgeneral topics to find what you’re looking for (or search for “WAMW”).
  • Tap the Add (+) button to add the item to your Favorites collection.

BDF-1024by500The Bill Dobson Ford NewsApp is now Version 2.0.  It’s updated for the new Bill Dobson Ford web site:!



(If you have questions, contact WAMW and we will do our best to answer!)