Request for Assitance Leads to Drug Bust by Vincennes Police

32-year-old Carly R. Cornwell of Vincennes was arrested Saturday afternoon for Manufacturing Meth, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement. 
    The incident started when a Vincennes Police officer was dispatched to 2309 N. 2nd to assist an individual in retrieving his personal property, from a vehicle owned by another person.  
   The individual obtained the keys for his vehicle, and Cornwell retrieved her personal property from the vehicle. 
    Police say that Cornwell became disorderly and continued to be disorderly after the officer warned her to stop. 
    As the officer attempted to arrest Cornwell for Disorderly Conduct and she became combatitive.  
    After being taken into custody, police say Cornwell had in her possession items used for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.  She was taken to the Knox County Jail.
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