Pence vote was legit, technically

 Vice-President Mike Pence’s voting address was technically correct in the May 8th primary election.

Democrats in Indiana have been crying foul after Pence voted absentee in the May 8th primary election, using the address of the Governor’s Mansion in Indianapolis. Keep in mind, Pence has not lived in the mansion since he was sworn in as Vice-President of the United States in early Januray of 2017.

But Pence’s special assistant Mark Lotter says Pence falls under a unique federal law in this case since Pence is “on loan” from Indiana to serve as Vice-President, like a soldier in the military is “on loan” from the state they’re from to serve in the military.

“It’s the same law that allows our men and women serving in the military stationed around the country and around the world to vote in the last residence they had in Indiana,” Lotter said. “Since that was his last address that’s what he will continue to use under federal law.”

Lotter accuses Democrats of “trying to make hay and headlines” by bringing up the way Pence voted in the primary.