Commissioners sign contract to build annex

A day after ground was broken for the Daviess County Courthouse Annex project, the contract to build it was signed by the county commissioners today.

        Project Owners Representative Mike Schapker presented what he said was a standard contract with Jasper Lumber. That’s the company the commissioners awarded the construction to last month. 

        Daviess County Attorney Grant Swartzentruber said he was comfortable with the contract that was signed today…

        Mr. Schapker commented that we should see some work begin around the annex site the last week of this month with full construction set to start April 2nd.


In Highway Department news…  Old Vincennes Road and Portersville Road were the worst damaged roads in the county during the recent flooding. That was the report from Daviess County Highway Superintendent Phil Cornelius today. 

        He says they’ve patched Vincennes road and they will have to replace asphalt later.  He reported that the area is very flood prone with a low roadbed and the river takes a 90 degree turn when it gets to the road.  He said the river is starting to carve a new riverbed in the area.

        County Engineer Jason Heilee updated the commissioners on the 15th Street Bridge project.  He says that a house in the area has been torn down as part of the project.  Equipment will be moved in at the end of this week and they should start taking the bridge down next week.