City’s Board of Works Grants Some Requests

  In Monday evenings meeting of Washington’s Board of Public Works and Safety, Board members approved a request by DLC Media and 29th Century Chevy to close Main Street from 4 to 9 on May 5, for the 3rd Annual Memories 107.9 Mini-Cruise-In.  

        The Board also approved a request from the Catholic Community of Washington to close streets in the area of the Catholic Schools for the annual Summer Social.    I

        n other business, the Board voted to cancel un-cashed checks written between February and December, 2015.  The checks total $504.88.   The Board also voted to write off as uncollectable approximately $55,000 in unpaid utility bills up to the end 2013.   Utility manager Anita Ash said the amount represented about 2/10 of a percent of the total billings for 2013.