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  • Wreckage may be first trace of missing Flight MH370
    Investigators are treating debris found on an Indian Ocean island as a "major lead."
  • Donald Trump amuses us to death
    Trump’s juggernaut isn’t an actual campaign, with an agenda or a strategy. It’s great programming
  • James Holmes's revealing courtroom behavior
    As James Holmes watched his father being cross-examined on the witness stand Wednesday, the convicted Colorado theater shooter reverted to what has become his routine during many of the trial’s more contentious moments: he swiveled.
  • Cincinnati police officer indicted in shooting death of black man
    A University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted on Wednesday on murder charges in the fatal shooting last week of an unarmed black motorist who was stopped because of a missing front license plate. Ray Tensing, the 25-year-old white officer who shot Dubose in the head, "wasn't dealing with someone who was wanted for murder," […]